Whole Village, Caledon

As part of this project, we lived, had conversations by the fire, ate food grown on the site and built using reclaimed materials at a co-housing Eco village (Whole Village) in Caledon Ontario. The team assembled high school, undergraduate, and master of architecture students from the University of Toronto, OCAD U, Ryerson and Humber ITAL teamed up to design/build a 100 sq. ft. cabin for this alternative and sustainable community. We made a 1:1 mock up to test and refine the design and then rebuilt it in a gully using reclaimed materials from a demolished monastery.

Due to the 100 sq. ft. limit on cabin’s footprint, we utilized a stacking configuration that increased the living area making the space beneath the gully for relaxation in hot summer days. The occupants enter the cabin through a bridge onto the path looking down at the double height space. Wood slat structure lets in an appropriate amount of solar radiation based on the season as well as allowing through ventilation. Students gained experience designing and building at 1:1, before faculty, volunteer students, and professional constructors returned to the site for an intensive deconstruction and in-situ re-build in the Fall of 2013 to erect the cabin in its permanent gulley location.

Design & Build Team

Marcin Kedzior, Craig Crane, Christine Kim, German Vaisman, Venessa Heddle, Noah Scheinman, Joshua Sam-Cato, Rebecca Lee, Dakota Wares-Tani, Saksham Sharma, Thomas Moore, Rebecca Reed.