Massey College, University of Toronto

This is a social and accessible intervention at the heart of a graduate residence, where the paths from the Dining Hall, Common Room, and Upper Library meet. The design provides an accessible extension to the meandering path of the Massey College Quad while also adding additional seating. Borrowing from the language of Ron Thom, the ramp and furniture piece is considered as part of the stratified landscape, and constructed out of L-shaped components that resonate with the College. The project takes on symbolic significance by its attachement to the back of the hearth—the social and structural centre of the College. This project is a prototype to study how the community would use the space, and he welcomes thoughts, suggestions, and comments about the design. 


Design Team

Marcin Kedzior, Eliot Callahan, Bronwyn Colford, Jocelyn Hajash, Ashley McNair, Jonathan Sharf, Saksham Sharma, and Liam Thornewell.