L-Space Gallery

Student took over L-Space Gallery for a Summer. To give the students control over their own learning environment, we constructed a classroom-cube to use as an impromptu design studio, workshop, and community engagement hub. A space of representation is repuroposed to be a creative space of production for engagement in the local community. Students chose to create a box coated in blackboard paint so that the exterior is used for working out ideas and details. The interior of the box includes furniture and a large table for gathering. In rethinking the space of the classroom, the black box references theatrical space while responding to the prototypical "white cube" of the gallery space. 




Project Team:  Marcin Kedzior, Craig Crane, Hilary Bonnell, Joshua Sam-Cato, Josh Silver, Karly Cable, Nicole Fedorchuk, Rami Dawood, Robbie Tarakji, Saksham Sharma, Tings Chak, Victoria Cardoso.