My name is Hilary Bonnell and I am currently in my fourth at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and will be graduating in a few weeks with a Bachelor of Interior Design. During my four years I have been privileged to have many opportunities to work with Situate/Design/Build.

Working with Situate/Design/Build has provided me with the opportunity to work alongside students who come from diverse backgrounds, including students from architecture, art, industrial design, photography, and engineering. This experience led to my applying and having been accepted at The Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London in London, England. After being accepted to this program, I was informed that my experience with Situate/Design/Build was critical to my receiving an offer.

Hilary Bonnell (Summer 2014 / 2015 Cohort)

My experience in being a part of the SBDU has been paramount in expanding my knowledge not only in taking design and construction theories from paper to practical but also in the exposure and opportunity to work with other students and mentors in related design fields.

These experiences and lessons are an integral part that led me to work in a collaborative career in Set Design. I look forward to taking part in future endeavours with SBDU to continue learning from others but also sharing what I have learned.


Rebecca Reed (Summer 2013 / 2015 Cohort)

I really liked our team and always felt like everyone was on board with what needed to be done. Everyone sort of picked what they were most interested in working on and we all respected each others decision.

I think what I'm most proud of is that we created these interventions where we've been sensitive to who/where it's for and that the interventions will be used to gather feedback for future projects and iterations.

Jocelyn Hajash (Summer 2016 Cohort)

Morale was always positive and everyone got along really well. The focus was always on learning and working as a team rather than getting the job done as fast as possible. 

I'm typically used to only creating designs and models. The summer studio allowed us to go through the whole construction process, including visiting the sites to do initial case studies and then returning later to install/build our intervention.

Everyone felt comfortable so no one was afraid to share their ideas. It led to projects that were the result of everyones ideas and feedback.  

Liam Thornewell (2016 Cohort)

I gained experience meeting and presenting to the clients, which would not be possible in class. I learned construction skills (using tools, measuring accurately), which I would not have been able to in a typical class setting. Collaborating with students outside of your own university and discipline. Being able to build the projects you design.

Everyone was ready to work and help each other with whatever needed to be done! It is a relaxed atmosphere so you aren’t stressed out like you might be at school.

I would definitely recommend summer studio to my friends! I think it’s a great experience to work with different professors and student, and most of all actually get to build something you designed.

Bronwyn Colford (2015 Cohort)